Improving your sales team’s conversion rate is the ultimate goal for sales managers. By leveraging Machine Learning and your company’s data, we can seamlessly create processes that deliver higher sales conversion rates. Your team will be able to concentrate on only qualified leads, boosting their sales numbers while driving down your company’s cost per conversion.

How It Works

  • Data Processes run in the background to extract data from your customer records.
  • Data Appends add rich demographic data to your leads to understand your customer.
  • Machine Learning runs advanced algorithms to predict outcomes based on historical sales data.

Where Machine Learning Can Help

  1. Lead Scoring and Prioritization
    Automate the process of lead scoring by employing computers to do the heavy lifting of lead ranking.
  2. Identifying Cross Selling Opportunities
    Take a look at current customers that are buying multiple products. Find potential up-sell opportunities from current customers in your database.
  3. Identifying Customer Churn
    Knowing which customers have left in the past will allow us to predict who may be next. Use this knowledge to make sure you address potential losses before they happen.
  4. Sales Revenue Forecasting
    Predict weekly, quarterly, and yearly sales based on historical data without having to dig through spreadsheets. Automated processes can handle this for you.