Planning Your Dynamics 365 Implementation

When it comes to CRM implementation, there are many things to consider. In this post, we’ll explore the process from the discovery phase, to creating a timeline, planning for the associated costs, and beyond.

The Discovery Phase

Before beginning a CRM implementation, the first step is to perform a “Discovery,” otherwise known as a Fit/Gap Analysis. In the Discovery Phase, the company’s wants and needs are discussed, with regard to their CRM budget, and an analysis is done of the fit or gap between the functionality requirements and the system capabilities. This is an important step, as it provides a foundation of useful information, and helps determine the scope of the project. Here are a few general questions that may be asked during “Discovery:”

·         Are you a current Microsoft Office 365 user?

·         Do you currently utilize SharePoint for document storage?

·         Do you currently have a CRM system? If so, what is it?

·         Is there any data that needs to be migrated or imported to the new system?


The amount of time it takes to complete a CRM implementation weighs heavily upon the scope of the project at hand. While an out-of-the-box solution could be installed and integrated within about 30 days or less, other customizations take much longer with some projects on-going for several months to a year. This is just one of the reasons the Discovery Phase is so important. Given that the parameters of the project have been clearly defined during the initial analysis, an efficient and realistic timeline can be created.

Cost Considerations

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation can range from under $10,000 for a turn-key solution, to multi-millions for large-scale installations with complex customizations. From start to finish, there are many factors that should be considered. Here are some of the major cost components to keep in mind when planning your CRM implementation.

·         Preparation – “Discovery,” Fit-Gap Analysis, Business Case

·         Cost to implement a particular solution (Microsoft Dynamics 365)

·         Data Migration

·         Training for staff/users

·         Software licensing

·         Periodic upgrades and ongoing maintenance

What’s Next? …

Now that you know the basics of a CRM implementation, it’s time to call in the experts. At Inner Join Technologies, we specialize in the installation and integration of data with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We are committed to long-lasting relationships with our clients, and are happy to serve as a guide from start to finish, and beyond. Our goal is to provide a road map for success – customizing each user’s experience to obtain the highest ROI. For more information and a detailed price quote, contact Inner Join today!