Big things are happening between Teams and Dynamics 365 at Microsoft Ignite

Teams and Dynamics 365 integration are among more than three dozen "general availability" service and feature releases at Microsoft Ignite. 

Ignite, Microsoft’s annual developers conference kicked off yesterday with some very big announcements. From my perspective, the most interesting is deeper integration of Teams into Dynamics 365. This development simplifies the process to meet, chat, call, and collaborate from within the Dynamics 365 workspace. It is common for me to be browsing a customer record within our CRM and I then have a need to switch to Teams reference related conversations, moving back and forth between apps. Knowing that this improved integration is coming provides so many possibilities for Dynamics 365 to leverage the essential and collaborative nature of Teams.

More collaboration inside the CRM 
As a sales professional, it's a priority to remember ROI with any project, especially a CRM implementation. This newly announced capability enables collaboration amongst the sales team, improving upsell & cross-sell rates and opportunity to win ratio. Team member collaboration and communication must remain strong and this new feature will help every seller identify, track, and share leads and opportunities. Improving integration with Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, collaboration will be in better context, providing actionable next steps using AI-driven insights. With better collaboration comes increased productivity. The profit margin per seller will increase, as everyone works together achieving individual and collective goals.

It will change the way one interacts with Dynamics 365
Teams is a major enabler of personal touch and the integration improvements with Dynamics 365 will harness this power. The introduction of an embedded Teams chat experience for Dynamics 365 provides a side panel showing relevant recent and ongoing chats, channels, and people in Teams related to the customer record in view. Additionally, the Teams dialer and an extensible audio and video meeting experience will seamlessly tie back to Dynamics 365 Sales.  

These two powerful systems working together allow for obvious benefits to both the seller and the organization.  When the seller is presented with the next best customer to reach out to, they can click-to-call, the side panel Teams dialer opens, including real-time business-critical insights such as transcript with important mentions highlighted. But what is even more obvious is another place for note taking with automatic detection of action items. This feature will allow more sellers to be “amazing with follow up.”

The insights gained from Teams will be associated to the appropriate record inside Dynamics 365 Sales. As the conversation wraps up, a summary page can be created in the background and available for review; including conversational KPIs representing the seller’s behavior during the call, commitment and follow-ups made during the call, important mentions, and the full playback option alongside sentiment analysis. 

The evolution to market leadership
Dynamics 365 Sales market share continues to grow and its integration with other Microsoft solutions such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Linked-In and Teams. The AI-powered insights that come from these integrations keeps this CRM on the cutting edge the center of a powerful extensible enterprise platform.

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