Ways to make Working From Home more than just workable

Longtime teleworkers have established habits to maintain high productivity and have enough balance for their personal life. These life skills are not learned overnight but should be freely shared.  Basic habits such as ….

Where is your actual office? 

This question has been posed to me throughout my career. Whether I lived in a small rural town in Iowa or in a regional tech hub, neighbors and acquaintances have consistently wondered how an extrovert can be successful while working at home.

Remote work becomes mainstream

In mid-March, the large economies were faced with a dilemma, keep the economy operating, or shut everything down. Most everyone opted for massive restrictions to contain the virus. As COVID-19 was designated a pandemic, it was clear that new norms would be established. Fortunately, much of the infrastructure was in place.

Simple things that we take for granted were activated to accommodate telework. The VOIP-based phone systems were quickly routed to soft-phones on laptops, most business applications were accessed from home, either through a web browser or through other means. With only a portion of an organization working remotely, companies had to assume that they could take it company-wide and their only unpredictable barrier was the availability of highspeed internet.

As some essential industries such as local media, construction and hospitals were trying to gain their balance with PPE and social distancing policies, companies that deployed their employees remotely were doing it without a lot of technology barriers. For example, organizations using Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams were tying them together, allowing for the enterprise to collaborate even better than before. Security concerns were lessened for companies who use Dynamics 365, as it leverages Azure Active Directory, allowing for single sign on for the pre-integrated applications. 

Today, essential or not, most industries are getting their bearings. The meteorologist working from home is now in a well-lit home studio, the construction worker is keeping his/her distance, but the remote workforce is as productive as ever. 

Thriving from home 

Accounts receivables are still coming in, customers are being serviced, and everything is reconciled at month-end. But is the team ready for the long haul? 

The amazing level of output is clear, but some complain about the isolation and the blurred lines between work life and home life.

Longtime teleworkers have established habits to maintain high productivity and have enough balance for their personal life. These life skills are not learned overnight but should be freely shared.  Basic habits such as exercise, self-improvement audiobooks, Bible studies, user groups, or other ways to interact with peers provides perspective. And now, the volume of high -quality panel discussions and webinars is allowing anyone to learn about any topic. 

Start with a purpose

Each morning, wake up, have your morning routine and determine what needs to be done for work and for your personal life. It is useful to include steps to achieve a more audacious goal in this task list. If you want to look better on camera, press your shirt and look as if you are in the office. 

Stay focused, but communicate

The task list is a good way to sort priorities, but there are techniques to stay focused on the task at hand as well as the bigger objectives.  Audiobooks are a great way to have useful background noise.

You are part of a team. Maintaining relationships with your colleagues is essential. Perhaps be open to new professional relationships while you are at it. Associating with positive colleagues and peers will brighten your day and you will want to reciprocate by brightening theirs.


Diet and exercise are important, but a good mental outlook has a greater impact on your success. Adopting some of the habits from above will contribute to a good mental outlook and overall wellness. When you are happy, others will notice, both inside and outside your organization, which will contribute to the overall success of your life. 

This is not a drill.

We are in the throes of a life altering disruption. Thankfully, the technology tools are in place for most, the world is adapting, and it’s time to thrive at home and make you, your family, and your company ready for the long haul. There are many ways that Inner Join Technologies can help you with your remote or hybrid workplace deployment. Do you have challenges?