Athletics runs on data

Managing so many realationsips has never been easier.

Let us introduce you to a seamless process to make your renewals easier than ever.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

"We have to manage so many different relationships throughout the year, it's hard to tell if we're doing as well as we could be."

With Inner Join, you can:

Centralize Customer Information

It's time consuming and inefficient to manage the details of so many different sponsorship and ticket holder accounts. Spend less time chasing down account details, and more time building customer relationships.

Make Your Sales Process More Efficient

Simple tasks are tedious to repeat day in and day out. Automate reminders, follow-ups, and customized account details. Active workflows allow you to ensure every interaction is personalized and on time.

Access Reports Anytime

With so many different sponsorships and ticket holders, it's difficult to prioritize your attention. Accurate and up-to-date reports are the best way to quickly determine where to turn your attention.